Who is Ciara?


    When I take a minute to look at myself I see a young lady that is full of compassion and most of all determination. I represent courage and fearlessness. I am a person who is extremely ambitious and loves to create a ripple effect of change in the world. My passion plays a big part into describing who I am as a person. Aside from my platform which is heart conditions, I also have a strong love for dancing. When I dance, I think of every moment telling a piece of a story. I can feel the music in my soul, mind, body, and spirit.


    What does being a Change Agent mean to you?


    Being a Change Agent, is more than being a community advocate. A change is a person who stands out and has the ability to capture the attention and hearts of millions. They are someone who isn’t afraid of a challenge and accepts success as a blessing. They’re ongoing drive to make issues and situations better allows them to affect change. They help the world become a better place and no matter how rough the road looks they do it with faith in their hearts and a smile on their face.


    How do you demonstrate being a Change Agent?


    They way that I demonstrate being a Change Agent is first exemplified through my service. I have the unstoppable desire to help others, whether it be through awareness walks or local community gatherings. I love to lend a helping hand and allow my giving back to be a blessing towards others. Another way is through my platform which is Raising Awareness for Congenital Heart Defects and Conditions. Speaking to kids and allowing them to hear my testimony and create ways to make being healthy fun and interactive opens the possibility that “staying active isn’t a bad thing.” With every new service event I am able to see my impact with others. It is truly humbling to witness.


    What would you say to encourage young Black women and girls around the world?


    Something that I have always repeated to myself since I was a child is this bible verse “Psalms 139:14; You are Fearfully, Beautifully, and Wonderfully made.” Women of color have been faced with so many adversities and tribulations. Yet, we still stand STRONG and ENLIGHTENED. I want young black women to understand that our destiny is not defined by our skin color. The sky's the limit. With God and a little pixie dust, your dreams can be a reality. Stop dwelling on the negative aspects and focus on the positive ones. Most of all, never doubt your ability, give a 110% in whatever you set out to accomplish. When you begin to believe in yourself, you start to see opportunities knocking from every door.


    What do you want to accomplish during your reign?


    During my time as a titleholder, I hope to launch my very own movement that allows kids to remain healthy and active. In doing this, it will allow kids to see and be aware of early defects of heart issues. In the process of doing this movement , by the end of May 2018 I hope to have the Sparks Heart Foundation up and running. This will be in dedicated to kids that are suffering from Congenital Heart Failure and help them to be funded for medical expenses as well as receive assistance during the holiday season. Most of all, I hope to leave an impact towards the younger generation, by showing them that success has no age limit. As long as you work hard and stay encouraged in yourself all things can be possible.

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