Who is Leigh?


    I am ambitious and motivated. I am determined to leave a lasting impact in this world by working hard and making an impression wherever I go. I am also passionate about motivating everyone to live their best life through my platform which focuses on the prevention and management of metabolic diseases. I am a NOLA girl who is as sweet as my homemade pralines. I love to laugh and sincerely believe in using my talents to make the world a better place.


    What does being a change agent mean to you?


    Being a change agent means standing up for what you believe in and having the courage to believe in your ability to make a difference. Change agents are the movers and go-getters in their community. They are the activists that are present and making a difference every way they possibly can.


    How do you demonstrate being a Change Agent?


    I demonstrate being a change agent by speaking up about issues that we should never remain silent about. If there’s a void, I fill it. A volunteer needed? I’m there. I never underestimate my ability to make an impact, even in roles that seem minuscule.


    What would you say to encourage young Black women and girls around the world?


    "Diamonds are formed under pressure, but never forget they are not formed overnight." What you are working toward is bigger than anything you can even imagine. It takes time and patience. So, just keep pushing and believe in yourself. The only person that can EVER hold you back is you.


    What do you want to accomplish during your reign?


    During my reign, I hope to be a source of inspiration to at least one person watching. I want to build a solid foundation for my next steps as an entrepreneur and community health advocate and encourage healthy lifestyle changes. Lastly, I hope to empower other young women to join our MBUSAM family!

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