Oluwakemi Olurotimi. It literally translates to mean, “God takes care of me and God is with me”. Honestly, I can say that I am a product of God’s grace. I am 23 years old. I was born and raised in
    Lagos Nigeria. I graduated with my masters in Experimental Psychology at the University of Central


    What are your aspirations?
    I aspire to be a college professor someday. Soon I will be pursuing my PhD in psychology.

    Any interesting facts?

    I am the first of three children and only girl. I do not have a favorite color; it is so
    hard to choose. I also love anime , Disney and dark chocolate.

    Have you done something very few have done? Have you won any important awards? What’s unique
    about you?

    I have received the Research, Creative, and Scholarly Activities (RCSA) Grant at the University of Central Oklahoma. I was a finalist at the UCO three Minute Thesis competition. I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. I have presented my research at several conferences including Oklahoma Research day 2018. I am also a Brand Ambassador and grant specialist for Hope for Us charities.

    Your passion and platform?

    I am an open advocate of education for the girl child especially in STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics) fields. My platform is called STEM GEMS- inspiring a love for STEM in
    young women of color. There is a misrepresentation of women in the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics in general. Unfortunately, fewer women of color pursue or aspire to pursue STEM degrees. I have conducted several conferences and partnered up with companies like AT&T in Oklahoma to bring awareness to the need for girls- especially girls of color- to be interested in STEM
    fields. As a researcher, I believe STEM is the future and that future is female.

    What would you like to use your title to accomplish over the next year?

    With this platform, I hope to inspire young girls to pursue their dreams and be active change agents in their communities. I will
    definitely be actively promoting my platform. I am also looking to make long lasting connections and

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