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    How many contestants compete at the National Pageant?

    The number of contestants varies. Contestants are selected on a rolling basis. Multi Teen and Miss can be selected in one state or region. The final number of participants will be determined when the registration deadline has passed.

    What is a semi finalist at-large contestant?

    A semi finalist contestant is a contestant is selected through an extensive interview process. There can be one Miss and Teen per state and region. State and Regional titles carry the same weight. Each semi-finalist will take part in a 6 month training and leadership development curriculum powered by Ambassadors of Change Inc.


    Why the change in direction ?

    Each year the pageant has to say no to numerous young women that would be great change agents in the community. We also believe the more Ambassadors we have in states and regions the more work that creates change can happen. Our goal is to empower and change our communities, not to just have a pageant. So the more women we can train to do the work the more lives we can change and that is a win for the young women that compete as well as the communities they represent. We are truly more than a pageant!


    Are there costs associated with competing at the National Pageant?

    Yes, each contestant is responsible for paying a registration and a sponsorship fee. The sponsorship fee covers the contestant's participation in the pageant, room and meals during pageant week, as well as the contestant's official sash and crown, opening number dress, entry into the Call Me Miss Ambassador Conference, a ticket to the Ambassador of Change Luncheon, and all pageant-related activities. The 2019 Sponsorship Fee is $1000 and hotel accommodations are $500, which should be directly paid to the host hotel. 

    Does the pageant cover my transportation to Nationals?

    No, each contestant is responsible for their transportation to and from the National Pageant in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Is there a talent portion of the competition?

    No, there is no performing talent required. There are four scored categories of competition, including interview, evening gown, fitness, and on-stage question.

    If I win, will it interfere with school?

    The Miss Black Teen US Ambassador and Miss Black US Ambassador pageant is a scholarship pageant- your education is the number one priority! If you win, almost all of your appearances and volunteer work will take place during the weekend and will be scheduled in advance.

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