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A Letter From MBUS|AM President

Expanding Horizons for 2018

· Message From Staff

Over the past 5 years, MBUS|AM has challenged itself to evolve with the times. We are a grass-roots empowerment pageant that believes in empowering current and future generations of Black women to be change agents, entrepreneurs and leaders.

We are proudly aligned with the empowerment inituiatives of Ambassadors of Change Incorporated, which allows MBUS|AM to continue expanding our reach and creating life changing opportunities for young women of color. With our growth comes 3 major changes for 2018!

We have increased our age limit to 29 and added 13 Regional Titles to allow for more dynamic young women to participate in the mentorship, personal development and community building efforts that are central to MBUS|AM.

We have also enhanced our Scholarship Award. Starting this year, our National Title Winners will have the option to use their cash prize winnings towards a scholarship, school loan repayment or as seed money to help start their own business!

These changes are aligned with the vision of AOC as we seek to expand our impact and equip women of color to lead with purpose. Stay tuned as we continue to make BOLD changes that empower communities, states and nations.

If you are a young black woman that is ready to Rise and Reign, we are looking for you! Apply Today and Join our Dynamic Sisterhood of Fierce and Fabulous Queens!

Thank you!

Patrice Harrison

Founder & President


The list below details the 13 new regional titles and includes which states are eligible for each title. Please note, that regional titles hold the same weight and significance of State titles.

  • Miss Black New England Ambassador (MA, VT, ME, NH, RI, CT)
  • Miss Black North Atlantic Ambassador (NY, NJ)
  • Miss Black Mid-Atlantic Ambassador (WV, PA, MD, VA, DC, DE)
  • Miss Black South Atlantic Ambassador (NC, SC, GA, FL)
  • Miss Black South East States Ambassador (AL, MS)
  • Miss Black South Central States Ambassador (KY, TN)
  • Miss Black Great Lakes Ambassador (MN, WI, MI, IL, IA, OH)
  • Miss Black Gulf States Ambassador (TX, LA)
  • Miss Black Midwest Ambassador (NE,KS, OK, MO, IA, AR)
  • Miss Black Mountain States Ambassador (MT, WY, UT, CO, ND, SD)
  • Miss Black South Pacific Ambassador (CA, HI)
  • Miss Black South West States Ambassador (NV, AZ, NM)
  • Miss Black North Pacific Ambassador (WA, OR, ID, AL)
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