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Pageant Ready in the New Year!

 Hello & Happy New Year to all of YOU, 

I am so excited to see what this New Year has in store for me and like everyone else I have set many goals for 2015 that I intend to see through however in this blog I will only speak of one of these goals which is to get back into my "pageant ready” body. Now when I say a “pageant ready” body I do not mean skinny - I mean fit. When it comes to fitness I believe that the most important thing is your state of mind. Rather than focusing on being skinny focus on your health and the weight loss will follow! 

To go along with my new state of mind I have also made a schedule of when I am available to hit the gym because organization and planning is very important when it comes to reaching your goals. Below I have made a list of tips and workouts that I do:

Since I’m looking to be fit and healthy cardio is a must so I jog before and after workouts. I know cardio isn’t very popular but it really is the most simple yet effective exercise you could do. 

Defined abs is what the judges will love so I recommend doing a series of ab workouts. For example: 30 seconds of crunches, 30 seconds of V-ups, 1 minutes bridge, 30 seconds of bicycles, 30 seconds of Russian twists then 30 seconds of mountain climbers to top it off. 

Toned legs will make the crowd go wild! So leg lifts will follow my ab workout along with squats. 

I want arm muscles like Michelle Obama so I will find time to do curls, over the head tricep extensions, and pull-ups. 

Last but not least to bring home the crown I will need healthy clear skin and drinking more water will give my skin that winning look. So no more soda drinks or sugary juice, just water!

Time to get to work,