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MBUSAM moves to the MIDWEST!

Atlanta, GA - September 17, 2015 - Ghandi said it best, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” The women that are gearing up to compete in the 2016 Miss Black Teen US and Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant are embarking on a life changing journey as agents of change that encourage, empower and enlighten communities, states and nations.

The Miss Black Teen US and Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant, previously held in Atlanta, Georgia, has announced it will move it’s 2016 national pageant to the Midwest. The 2016 pageant  will be held July 3 - 9 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

Excited about the preparations for the 2016 National Pageant, Vice President and Executive Producer of the MBUSAM national pageant, Lauren Parkes said, “We are ecstatic to announce Oklahoma City has been selected as the 2016 Host City for the National Pageant. From Oklahoma’s rich black history to its thriving economy and attractions mixed with its rugged Western past, OKC offers something a little different. The Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant was built on being unique, setting the standard for excellence and allowing our State Ambassadors to have a once in a lifetime experience. We are firm believers that the city of Oklahoma will completely transform the MBUSAM experience.” 

In the last few years, the Miss Black Teen US and Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant has been recognized as the premier pageant for African American women. Patrice Harrison, MBUSAM Founder and CEO stated, “ We are so absolutely thrilled about this opportunity to take MBUSAM’s mission to the Midwest and so grateful to Oklahoma City for helping make this possible. MBUSAM remains dedicated to empowering communities and providing scholarship opportunities for young women making a difference in the communities they serve."

Although the National Pageant in moving to Oklahoma City. The corporate offices for the scholarship pageant will remain in Atlanta, GA.

About the Miss Black Teen US and Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant

The Miss Black US Ambassador and Miss Black Teen US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant exists to give a once in a life time opportunity for young African American women to serve as an ambassador of change and to encourage, empower and enlighten, communities states and nations. These young women are a rising voice in the community that seek to make a difference, by providing educational forums and events that focus on health disparities, poverty, violence and major issues plaguing the African American community. They are a role model not only to young African American women, but to women around the world. They partner with key political figures and national initiatives to bring support to their efforts and platforms. These young women are more than a pretty face, and the program is more than a competition. It’s a program that gives 365 days of support and resources to communities in need. The program is a platform for today’s savvy, smart and aware, young women of color to express their viewpoints, extraordinary talents and accomplishments to the national public, while offering scholarships opportunities to further education.


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