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Ready to be a World Changer | Life at SMU


I'm really excited to get into my freshman year at Southern Methodist University! I've decided to stay close to home (10 minutes without traffic... yikes!) but I'm still going to live on campus. One of the things I love about being close to home is being able to get some independence and some distance, but still being able to come home for a home cooked meal and free laundry! At the same time, that independence makes me nervous. I'll have a lot more responsibilities to take care of on my own and I'll have a lot more free time than I did in high school. I'm going to have to get used to a new schedule and I'll have to work hard on developing better study habits so I can stay on track.

Another thing I'm ready to experience on my new campus is a new sense of spirit! I love school spirit and pride and there's a lot to be proud of here at SMU. I want to get to know this area really well, attend as many sporting events as I can, and get involved in organizations and clubs! I look forward to sharing with you all the things that I experience over the next few months...

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Mariah White, Miss Black Teen US Ambassador 2015

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