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Life as an IU Freshman!

Freshly into my second month of college I realized just how much things had really changed since my senior year of high school. There are many differences between high school and college but now into my fourth month at IU the biggest difference that stands out to me is the ability to explore and adventure into new things without any limitations. During my high school years I often felt restricted by authority and rules it was sometimes so restricting that it took away my ability to think outside of the box, but being away from home and practically living on my own I have discovered and opened so many doors and it hasn’t even been a full semester yet! 

I know it sounds cliche but it is so true that with great power comes great responsibility. Juggling a national title, making good grades, managing the IU cheer team, working a part time job and having time for friends and family can be overwhelming and at times exhausting but the biggest challenge I am facing as a newby college student is finding inner peace and a sense of solitude in my fast paced life. Most have forgotten how important the moments of silence and reflection are because many of us are spelled with not having enough time but I am challenging not only myself but others reading this blog to set aside some time during our busy schedules to meditate and reflect and most importantly count our blessings! I believe this small change can make or break a bad week maybe even a bad month.