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My Road to MBUSAM

Since I could remember I have always had a deep passion and determination to help those around me, while fighting for justice. I guess you can call me a modern day freedom rider! My close relationship with God has always provided me the strength I needed to stay courageous during a time where people may not the biggest fans of my mission. I found myself over the years serving within nonprofit organizations such as AmeriCorps and Girl Scouts of America and various churches to bring about positive change amongst young people. 

Eventually through the gateway of Girl Scouts of America and the call of God I created my very own nonprofit organization entitled Mz.P.R.I.S.S.Y Ladies with Values. This program was created to highlight the beauty of purity of the mind, body, and soul. 

In 2012 I met an amazing Ambassador of Change and former Miss Black USA 2005, Miss Celi Marie Dean. Miss Dean expressed to me that the Miss Black US Ambassador Pageant would be a great avenue for me to not only spread my mission of purity, but encourage, empower, and enlighten my community and my people. After praying, and receiving guidance from God I jumped at the opportunity! Not having much experience in pageantry I trusted God to provide me with what I need to best represent him and his destiny for my life.

At the end of the day I desired a platform where I could impact lives positively. Coming from a background of being bullied, and dealing with low self-esteem I wanted to encourage others young people with various issues that dreams can come true. 

Preparing for Nationals was a time like no other! I learned a lot about myself, and I grew to appreciate who I was as a young woman and what I had to offer. Being a working actress I knew I wanted to do some sort of dramatic monologue for my talent. I didn’t want it to be just any old piece, but an original, and something worth listening to that I was passionate about! I called up my dear friend Arielle whom is one of the greatest writers I know and we created my piece entitled “It wasn’t my choice” paying tribute to young people around the world that were trapped in the life of sex tracking. I rehearsed that piece every waking moment! Also during my time of preparation I pursued healthier eating and exercised. It is not enough to be mentally fit, but we also must take care of our temples. Thankfully I had amazing friends and family that assisted with the funds I needed and the extra push I need to stay focused. 

Nationals was an absolutely beautiful experience. I met so many amazing young women with the same passion for change as myself! I was able to bond with many of my pageant sisters from all over the country. We encouraged one another, cried together, and laughed together. I was proud to say I knew each and every one of the queens that were present. We had the opportunity to visit the Civil Rights and Human Rights Museum and received very insightful words from the honorable Ms. Xernona Clayton. All in all the experience changed my life, not only because I walked away as the new Miss Black US Ambassador but because I walked away with my eyes opened in a new way.